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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - Randell Guilbeau

Farewell my friends..

I've never been very good with saying goodbye. We've all been there, that awkward moment when you have come to a crossroads in life and you must say goodbye to your friends or family. Its not ever fun. So you all will understand how hard this is for me. After much consideration, I have decided move on to my next adventure in life.

The experiences I have had at Level9 will last a lifetime. From the early days when Craig, Tim and I were working from the spare bedroom at my house to our awesome office here in Brick town. I've learned many lessons over the years both on a business and personal level.

As a team we have gone from humble beginnings to where we are today. I have been honored to watch a dream I had turn into reality through hard work from all of us in the Level9 family. I will miss everyone here as well as all of the friendships that have been created with our clients throughout the years.

I would like to thank the Level9 guys for years of great teamwork and thank you to all of our customers who put their trust in our team.

Farewell my friends!

Randell Guilbeau

Mike commented on 16-Jun-2011 02:00 PM
Thanks for all! Stay in touch.
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