Five Reasons You Should Work For Level9

  • We believe in letting individuals be, well, individuals. At Level9 you're not just another cog in the wheel, but a unique part of the work we do as a whole.
  • We despise 91.5% of corporate culture. Our dress code forbids khaki pants and pretty much anything made under the Dockers brand.
  • We strike the right balance between work, play, and volunteer efforts for worthy causes.
  • We're aggressive and take risks. Maintaining the status quo is fine if you want the easy money, but mediocrity gives us migraines. Anything less than the cutting edge feels rather dull.
  • We've seen tremendous growth since we started the company in 2007. Older companies may have a more secure spot in the market, but we equate security with stagnation. And with new growth comes new opportunities and benefits for our people. Our future's so bright we gotta wear shades.

Current Openings:

Developer +

Interactive Designer +


Take a peek into life at Level9. Sometimes work really is about fun and games.


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